brak zdjęcia

Reliable, high quality software for hostels

Frontdesk Master is a special, innovative hostel software that has got the task to make the work of hostels much easier. This software has got the main task of optimalization of business practices and everyday tasks. It is also very useful for reception staff and other hostel employees. Effectiveness of staff will improve, so this can improve incomes of a hostel. This powerful management system is cloud-based, so it is available anywhere and in any computer. Thanks to this problem, the hostel will find simple solutions for complex tasks and problems. Frontdesk Master is a hostel software that controls and facilitates the entire cycle of room reservation, channel management, financial and staff management, reporting, invoicing and tax activities. The offer includes live staff training and full support. Each hostel is able to check all advantages of this software thanks to a free trial without any obligations. It means no risk for the company that uses this software.